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A Tour Along the Sussex Coast

A Tour Along the Sussex Coast

A Tour Along the Sussex Coast


David Arscott, with introduction by Clive Aslet


Most of us have walked at least a section of the South Downs Way, or followed one of the many rural walks that Sussex can boast, but what about the county’s fourth wall - the sea? If you want to feel the salt on your cheek, take in a bit of bird-watching, some beach-combing, a pinch of history, a sprinkling of local gossip and just enough geology and geography not to numb your brain, then come with local expert David Arscott on a walk along the Sussex coast. Starting from the sands at Camber and sticking as close to the water’s edge as possible, the route shows how environmental changes, human interference, events, disasters and the power of the sea have affected the county’s coastline, leaving harbours stranded high and dry and villages drowned off shore. You don’t have to do it all in one go (it’s a long walk!) as it’s broken up into easy sections, but whichever part you tackle, A Tour along the Sussex Coast makes an ideal hand-held companion to take along with you.

Key Points
  • Covers the county coast from the Camber sand dunes to Chichester Harbour.
  • A geographical, geological, historical and cultural guide all in one.
  • A 41-mile walk broken up into twenty manageable strolls.
  • Foreword by Clive Aslet, Editor-at-Large of Country Life.

ISBN: 978-1-906022-17-4, 187mm x 115mm, 96 pages, 30,000 words, 20 specially commissioned illustrations plus map, hardback, marker ribbon

David Arscott

Former newspaper journalist and BBC producer/ presenter, David Arscott has for some years worked as a freelance author, broadcaster, publisher and editor. He has written some 30 books on Sussex, including Wunt be Druv, The Neat and Nippy Guide to Lewes, Sussex Privies and the Sussex Bedside Book. He is the founder of The Sussex Book Club, which brings its members regular news of the latest books about the county, and is also honorary secretary of the Society of Sussex Authors, which meets informally in Lewes. When not writing or running courses in media training, David likes to walk his county, and this exploration of the 41 miles of meandering Sussex coastline from Rye to Chichester is a record of his littoral activity.

Clive Aslet

Clive Aslet, author, journalist and broadcaster, is the editor-at-large of Country Life.

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